O Segredo Do Retiro Restaurant

Season Menu

We prepare our menu with seasonal and local products, highlighting the quality of our Monterrei Valley.

Groups and celebrations

We have menus prepared for your special meetings such as birthdays, farewells, anniversaries, business dinners and whatever you need.


Our hall has space for 65 people with elaborate menus for you to enjoy your wedding, baptism, communion, etc.

Projecting Monterrei to the world

Through his experience and curiosity, Jose Luis Prieto, Chef and Manager of O Segredo do Retiro, seeks to bring part of the current culinary arts and develop a modern proposal with a clear base in the culinary tradition of Monterrei.

Since he was little he was always fascinated by avant-garde cuisine from a visit to Casa Solla Despite starting with a career in hotel management, he decided to focus on cooking in Germany where he worked in various restaurants in Berlin such as La Mano Verde, under the guidance of Mark Ziegler, who had just been a souschef at Fischer Fritz with the famous Christian Lohse to later make the leap to Sydney, Australia, where after a couple of experiences he would end up working as assistant to Matt Taylor at The Wine Library, awarded with a hat. Determined to find his own formula, he returns to his native Galicia to elaborate this proposal with the affection that this implies and the dedication necessary to carry it out.

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Fresh products

In our restaurant O Segredo do Retiro we work all our dishes with fresh ingredients of the best quality, seasonal products and local products that make our dishes quite a spectacle.

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Contemporary Cooking

Our kitchen seeks to create a fusion between the culinary tradition of our region and the most current elaborations of modern cuisine, so that you can live a unique experience in our restaurant.

Give a unique experience.

Give a unique experience in our restaurant, a space to share, celebrate and enjoy our exquisite wines accompanied by the best DO Monterrei wines.

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  • Beef Tongue Pastrami skewer 13€

    Roasted Bell pepper sause,cream cheese, fermented honey and garlic emulsion, picked habanero

  • Local Galician raised beef carpaccio 15€

    Confit garlic emulsion, home made pickles and cured egg yolk.

  • Cold Asparagus soup 15.5€

    Trout roe, mojama and tomato perfumed olive oil

  • Escalibada 14,5€

    Roasted veggie salad, home made cracker, pesto and galmesano.

  • Scallop Ravioli 18€

    Bisque, cream cheese and chive oil.


  • Braised Porck cheecks 19,5€

    Braised veggie sauce, glazed chestnuts and carrot au Papillot.

  • Grilled Octopus 24€

    Its own pil pil, black garlick sauce parmentier.

  • Roasted Cod 22,5

    Velouté with peas and clams, pickled cucumber salad.

  • Local raised Cachena T Bone 48€/kg

    Roasted poatoes and home made dried tomatoes


  • Red fruits tartlet and Arzúa cheese 7€

    Butter tartlet, Red berries jam and a Arzua cheese mousse

  • Chocolate "milefoille" 9€

    Rubí chocolate sheet, dark chocolate ganache (70%) , hazelnut sponge, toffee and cacao.

  • Pineapple, San Simon and Rosemary 8€

    Confit Pineapple, San Simón foam and Rosemary pearls

Our Special

  • 1/4 Goatling charcoal roasted 45€

    Roasted potatoes, roasted bell peppers and its own juices sauce (2 people).


  • kids menu 17€

    Home made croquette, Chicken filet with chips and ice cream.

Tasting menu

  • Appetizer + 3 entrees + Fish course + Meat course + 2 Desserts 50€

    Full table service Drinks not included.

Grastronomic menu

  • Appetizer + Entree + Main + Dessert 35€

    Water and bread service included.

Book your table

We provide you with a booking system so that you can choose the day, time and number of people.



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